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TUVA Affiliated Summer Camp at HCC!!!

We are pleased to announce a TUVA affiliated camp at HCC. This camp will be run by the HCC Coaching Staff and TUVA staff members. If you have ever attended an HCC camp, you know that it is all about efficiency and growth. We run camps that not only the kids will enjoy, but also that the parents will appreciate.

HCC is wonderful air-conditioned 3-court facility with large restrooms and locker rooms. The coach to player ratio will be amazing, and the program is designed and implemented by Gary Larkin. These camps are popular with players from around the county, so please act fast.

Spots have been capped at 30 by the college, and we have been allowed the last week in July. We will offer two 5-days sessions. The morning session is most appropriate for beginner and intermediate players. The afternoon session is good for experienced 7th and 8th grade club players and early high school club players. We always group by friends and ability, so never worry about your drillmates.

To register, you will access the HCC Summer Camp:

1. GO to

2. Once there, scroll down to “FOR MORE DETAILS, OR TO REGISTER FOR SUMMER CAMPS, CLICK: Here"  This link is written in gold font.

This will take you to Amilia 2021 Summer Programs.

3. Lastly, scroll Down to Volleyball Camps.

*There are two 5-day sessions. Select the one most appropriate for you. You will register and pay in one place. It becomes non-refundable May 15th, so please plan accordingly. The college now handles the execution of registration and payment for all sports camps on their campus.