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Click the link below and claim your roster spot!

All Rosters coming soon!!!

We are super excited with our accepted teams! Calls have been made at his point. If and when spots open up for a player on a waitlist, we will contact the family.

It's going to be great! Our coaches are ready! Our Recruiting Coordinator is ready. Our directors are ready for MB and Setter position clinics!  We can't wait to share our resources with you!

And here's the good news.  We still have a couple position openings for certain teams, AND  we are building a 14United list! 

Simply email to inquire.  Don't be on the outside looking in. We have been honorably teaching student athletes and placing players on high school and college rosters for over twenty years. 

Go UNITED! If you know... well, you know.

Make-up Tryouts


WE STILL HAVE A COUPLE SPOTS ON TEAMS, so, email to check on slots and set up a try out!!!!!!!

Location: Thunder Dome 8116 E 21st Ave Tampa, FL 33619

Click on the registration link above BEFORE coming.

*18s Please email

Mini-Club Notice

SAVE THE DATE! Mini-club team formation day will be Sunday August 15th from 10-Noon at the Dome 8116 E 21st Ave Tampa FL 33619. We will be fielding teams for all players in the 14,13, and 12 and under age groups. It's a two-month mini-season in Sept and October. It's super fun and great preparation for your next volleyball goal. Click on the mini-club link above for some details.

When you are ready CLICK HERE for registration.

Why Should I Play for Tampa United?

1. We teach life lessons first.

2. We measure our success by our players' success at the next level.

3. We focus on a family-centered atmosphere.

4. Our HISTORY and ALUMNI LIST are among the best in the nation.

5. We have more college experienced coaches on staff than any competitor.


In over 20 years, we have sent nearly 3000 players to 120 colleges and universities, earning our families over $10 million in scholarships.


The question isn't "Why Should I play for Tampa United?"

The question is "Why am I not playing for Tampa United?!?!"


Safety Reminders

  • Please communicate if you test positive or are in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid.
  • Please stay at home if your pre-practice temp check is 100.4 or above.
  • Please stay at home if you are exhibiting any symptoms. 
  • If you are not vaccinated or have not had covid, please wear facemasks when entering the building.
  • Please social distance whenever possible.
  • Spectators, remain in the lobby viewing room.
  • Please sanitize often.

(Our regularly scheduled cleaning crews will clean courts and balls.)

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Practice Facilities

Due to covid-19 protocols, please  arrive at the facilities no more than 10-15 min before training.

Please help us control social distancing by limiting the numbers of non-participants at practice when possible. 

Always respect our neighbors' properties during  business hours. 


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Director, Sam Cibrone

Director, Gary Larkin

Communications Director, Danielle Priest

Recruiting Coordinator, Jim Mohr

Social Media Manager, Jenna Morales

We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080.

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